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Dear [Company],

As a loyal customer of your company for the past few years, I have continually returned to your brand for affordable and fun beauty inspiration. Some of my personal favourites of your products include [list]. I have even gotten my friends into your brand, as I believe that it is important to support companies such as yours that dedicate themselves to cruelty-free and accessible beauty [and personal care] products. I applaud your efforts in this area, specifically in regards to your refusal to take part in animal testing.

That being said, I have come to discover through additional research that in order for a company to deserve the label of “cruelty-free”, they need to go further than simply refusing to test on animals. It has come to my attention that two key ingredients that are found in some of your products—namely, palm oil derivatives and mica—have links to rainforest destruction and child labour. As a socially conscious consumer, this is deeply concerning to me.

My research has revealed that the farming of palm oil has created dramatically negative consequences for the environment, animals, and human beings of Borneo and Sumatra. Massive areas of rainforest are cleared in the creation of palm oil farms, which has led to a decline in the orangutan population, along with seriously affecting the livelihoods of the Sumatran tiger and the pygmy elephant, to name a few. The palm oil industry has also been criticized for various human rights violations, such as using child labour to farm the product. When I see ingredients such as [palm oil ingredient] in your [specific product], or [other palm oil ingredient] in your [other specific product]—both of which are derivatives of palm oil—this is what I now picture.

Mica is another ingredient of concern. Since 25% of mica is mined by children, it is hard for customers like myself who are concerned with ethical consumerism to know whether we can trust if a product has been produced ethically or not. Because of this, since seeing that mica is present in your [specific products], I have unfortunately stopped buying those products.

So what are your company’s policies regarding the production of these ingredients? Do you prioritize transparency from your suppliers and ensure that the palm oil and mica that you use were not produced at the cost of the environment, animals, or human children? If not, are you willing to make that change so that concerned customers like myself are able to continue purchasing your products?

Ethical consumerism is becoming increasingly popular, meaning as more information is released, people will be less likely to tolerate such injustices. I encourage you to take this step, not only for the sake of morality, but also to improve your business. If you are able to honestly confirm your brand as one that is transparent and works to eradicate habitat destruction and child labour, you will stand out amongst the other brands that have yet to make that change, and your clientele is bound to increase. I will personally advocate for your brand with everyone I know.

I look forward to your response, and to the day when I will be able to confidently refer to your company as “cruelty-free”.

Thank you for your time,

[Your name]

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