Nicely Non-Toxic by Heather

Hi there! My name is Heather and I am passionate about helping others to live as toxin-free as possible. Welcome to my blog!

On Nicely Non-Toxic, you will find well-researched information about the nasty ingredients found in many personal care and beauty products, as well as accessible alternatives and my personal favourite brands and products that keep me (and the earth) happy and healthy. For a quick fix, head over to my wallet guide to print off or keep in your phone (save the trees!) so that you will always have a peace of mind about the ingredients in the products you choose to buy.

Remember: no one is perfect. This is a journey, and I am learning just as much as you. I do not have any formal education in chemistry, but everything I write will be sourced so that you may make decisions for yourself. All that matters is that we work together to demand better ingredients for improved personal health and a happier environment.

So pull up a chair and grab your favourite cup of tea. Enjoy!

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